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Web design in Puerto Princesa City

Today a website design must fit on cellphones and tablets as well as computers. Visitors to a website expect the website to work on all these devises, something that requires the website to be adjusted for a large variety of different systems and programs. We have the skills and experience to make all this happen.


Puerto Princesa, the rest of Palawan and other regions of the Philippines still struggle  with a very slow internet service. Web design is therefor about making the website functional and effective even on a congested and slow network. It is about incorporating graphics and good information with the currently available  technology.

Internet in Puerto Princesa City and Palawan

Our developers have been making optimized systems all the way back when the internet first started - when the networks were extremely slow, operating on 9600 bps modems. This experience gives us the skills to handle the slow networks sometimes encountered in the Philippines better than most newly educated developers.

Most freelance web-developers are self taught from articles found on the internet. Most of these articles are written by developers working on much faster networks in other countries, where the challenges we face does not exist.

Our web-designers understand these challenges and will design your system to be optimal and very efficient with the current technology in Puerto Princesa and Palawan.

Website marketing in Puerto Princesa

From our office in Puerto Princesa City in Palawan we run our marketing business, offering international and domestic marketing servises based on internet related tecnologi. If you run a business in Puerto Princesa City or other places in Palawan you might want to attract customers from other countries or other parts of the philippines. The internet, or web as many people cal it, is the new marketing frontier. You can reach people for a relatively low cost, where you before had to pay large amounts of money to promote what you offer.

Website Marketing

We offer services that will promote your website - or home page as some people call it. We provide services that will bring the presentation of what you have to offer straight to the computer screen of your potential customers. Our web desingers can make you an attractive online advertisement on your website for a very low cost.

Website for Tourism

If you have a pensions houser in Puerto Princesa City or other place in Palawan, we can promote your resort, pension house or product of interest for a tourist to millions of people around the world, show pictures and articles, and for many of them even start a dialog in social media like Facebook. We can make the presentation so good, that they are going to remember it and want to visit when it is time for their vacation.

Website for a local businesses

If you have a business in Puerto Princesa, there is no exception for small local enterprises. Local businesses will benefit just as much. Using social media like Facebook, we can connect your website to thousands of local customers. 60% of the younger population in the Philippines already started using the internet, and most of them have or have used Facebook.